Jun 13, 2011

Natural Beauty of Talicud Island, Samal, Philippines

Philippines is best known country for its natural resources and beautiful beaches... But, what you don't know is it's still hiding many beautiful places that is yet to be known and famous... Samal Island, Philippines is known here in Mindanao, specifically in Davao City because of its natural beach beauties, white sands and clear seas.
Below are the pictures i have taken during our trip in Samal.

Samal Island Philippines

Talicud Beach,Samal Island,Philippines

Talicud,Samal Philippines

Samal Island Philippines

Top view of Talicud Beach

Top view of Samal
Watch the ocean view from the top...

Sea shore,Talicud Samal Island

White Beach of Kaputian Samal Island
The white sand of Kaputian Beach, Samal.

sea boat

cow eating grass

When going to Talicud, you can ride a "Lantsa", term for motorized boat (i don't know its name in, or you can bring ur own car and ride on a barge... But the barge's routing is only from Babak, Samal going to City Proper and vice versa so you still need to ride a Lantsa going to Talicud, Island. 

boat going to Samal

Ride Barge to Samal

Talicud Island is indeed a worthy place to travel.


  1. i miss this island. it's where we had so much fun going up and down a long slide in maxima.

    we have reached just one side of this island. for sure... there are more great spots within the island.

  2. yes,,a day is not enough to tour this island,,,sure there's lot of great things to discover.

    BTW,,,thanks for the comment...:-)